Friday, March 25, 2011


This is friday. Omg!! -_- 

I have homework.

  •  B. Indonesia, That I must make and draw a poster. Damn I can't draw with good. I dont like drawing. 
  •  And then, B.Indonesia or Indonesian Language lesson or Bahasa *again *bah *lengkap* I must make a slogan about cleanliness of my class. Hey Im confused. 

I hate my homework! really!

Maybe I'll love my homework if I must seek a thing on internet and search it on my br?o ("GOOGLE") and I'll do my homework > definitely. Hahahahahaha xD Cause it can be a reason if my mom ask with me when I'm online.
Oh my homework you kill my mood!!

Oh yea, I must study hard because Tuesday I have physic and biology test, Thursday I have religion test and for english language I don't know for its time.
OMG I really lazy ._. I need a motivator for encourage me.

But, I have to thankful to god. 

I saw on twitter, some my friends got homework that they had to made 80 question.  HMM!! ._. sabar ya *bah* 

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