Sunday, November 20, 2011

Looklet \:D/

Hi guys, I have a new favorite activity, yapp looklet-ing. Spending time with this activity when I get bored, badmood. Hm, I know maybe it's just wasting time and un-important. But it's my hobby ƪ(ˇ▼ˇ)ʃ ƪ(ˇ▼ˇ)ʃ 
and now, I want to share my looks. 

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guys need to listen to Taylor Swift then they'll understand girls better #girlposts 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why was Snow White given a poisoned apple?
To show us that not everyone is gonna be kind
and not everyone is really who they say they are.

Why did Cinderella run away at midnight?
To remind us that everything does have 
its limitations, even dreams.

Why did Ariel exchange her fins for feet?
To show us that people are willing to
give up anything to be with whi they love
just to be happy.

Why did Aurora sleep for 100 years?
To tell us that uou might have to wait for quite
some time for your true love to come along,
sometimes very long, but it's worth it.

Why did Princess Jasmine fall for Aladdin?

To let us know that what the heart wants,
it wants it no matter what.

Why was Belle in love with a Beast?
To remind us that you can't really help what's
on the outside, but if the inside is beautiful,
then nothing will stand in the way of your love.

After all, inside every cinfident woman is
A FRAGILLA PRINCESS waiting to be saved


You think you're not pretty. There is always someone uglier.
You're chilly. People around the world are frozen. 
You want a boyfriend. Some people don't have a family.
You're complaining you're hungry. A child out there is there is starving.
You want new clothes. Someone is looking for anything to stay warm.
You want to die. People who are dying would give anything to live. 
You want more money. People are in provity. 

So don't waste time on things you think you want,
because there is always someone out there who needs it so much more than you could ever possibly know.