Thursday, April 28, 2011


Finally holidays is over, although it make me have to go to school and study and study. Seriously I really hate holidays if I'm only in house, and I don't have much activities, just online, read a novel, play games, listen music and many more hiaha. Nothing special in this holidays. In fact it's not a holidays but we must study in home. But many students says it's a HOLIDAY!! for junior high school especially for my school *7th and 8th grade* we got a holidays until 8 days *kalo gasalah* *cheers* xD But time goes so fast and tomorrow I have to go to school for study and wake up at 5 a.m. OMG it's annoyed! You know that Im lazier, ya ya ya -_-
I'm happy cause tomorrow I can meet talk and laugh with my friends. I miss ya all so badly huaha.
And I want to buy foods or drinks *jajanan* in the school again, yeah as usual. hmm I really really wanna meet ya all. Oya, Today is last day with national exams for 9th grade. I hope my seniors can get great scores and accepted at the school that you want, amiin. I can't wait for tomorrow xD huah.

And I also hope that my school, SMPN 4 BOGOR still pre-eminent school, stay ahead!!

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